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Puppy Insurance

Free puppy Insurance Ok, where do we start? As I'm sure you know, insurance companies offer breeders free insurance packs to send home with their puppies. This does seem significant until you realise it really is just a sales ploy to get your information so that they can sell you their insurance. The free puppy insurance is full of things that you cannot claim, which kind of defeats the object.

When we sign you up for the free insurance, they insist we give them all your information which enables them not only to ask you to sign up with them but also to share your information with other chosen companies.

The issue is the free insurance we send pups home with cant be used for 15 days from activation. When you take out insurance, that too cant be used for 15 days from the activation, which means that your puppy won't be covered for the first month. Which isn't ideal. In addition to this, the other problem is that if you take out insurance and there is any overlap on termination of one and the start of the other, your insurance could be void because you effectively have two policies running.

To provide you and your pup with the best cover, we recommend that you start your insurance from a collection or, better still, as soon as you have chosen, which means you are covered within 15 days from commencement rather than 30.

In addition any claims on the free puppy insurance then becomes a pre-existing condition which your new policy won't cover

When it comes down to choosing your insurance company, it comes down to your insurance budget and what you want to cover. Pop onto Australian Labradoodles UK on Facebook and pop insurance in the search bar of the group...this subject has been discussed before, and there are lots of recommendations

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