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Australian Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodles UK

We are delighted to share some of our favourite products with you.

Through many years of owning, breeding and grooming Australian Labradoodles, we have tried and tested many products.

To make finding the products a little easier, we have attached amazon links to them.

We will add more products so please visit this page again.

Churchills Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Pure Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a wonderful product. It's full of goodness and health benefits.

It can be used in dog recipes to create tasty treats. You can add it to a regular diet, and it's a brilliant grooming aid. 

It works as a matt-splitting oil to aid the removal of knots and tangles. As well as being a great licking distraction.

If you have a grooming table, you can coat the arm of the table in coconut oil. They will be busy devouring the oil while you groom.  If you have a willing assistant, they can have a licky hand ....

It's a great snow aid too. Australian Labradoodle's fur tends to grab snow making their legs look like a 1980s fur ugg boot... A great tip is to coat the bottom of their legs with coconut oil. It will help to prevent the snow from sticking to their legs. What great is it is safe to lick off

Australian Labradoodle Breeder

We love Cowboy magic 

A little goes a very long way. After bathing, rub a 5p-sized amount into your hand and run your hands through your dog's coat. Do one area at a time, adding a small amount for each area, back and sides, back legs, front legs, chest, head and tail.

Top tip:-brush and comb through while the coat is damp mats are much easier to see when the coat is wet. Wet mats are easier to remove too. The coat can be left to dry naturally or blow-dried.

You can rub a little extra into stubborn mats.

Between grooms, add a small amount of water to a spray bottle. Shake well and spray into the dry coat before brushing and combing.

Australian Labradoodles UK

Microfibre towels are brilliant for bath time or muddy walks. The ones designed for dogs are too small and pointless, but the human microfibre beach towels are excellent for drying your pup. Two of these can pretty much dry an adult dog. They are an excellent purchase

Australian Labradoodle Breeder  UK

Foldable grooming tables.

Start as you mean to go on. It's so much easier to groom your Australian Labradoodle when you have both hands free. They soon learn that grooming is a part of everyday life. It's great if we always have a spare pair of hands to help us. But I think we all know that they are not always around when we need them.

The beauty of these tables is that they are collapsable for easy storage

We prefer the tables with the H bar that goes across the table as these are more spacious and allow you to prevent the dog from slipping off the table


It's important to understand that you can't expect your dog to stand on the table for long periods of time. And you can not leave them unattended; Grooming tables are an aid to make grooming easier.

Australian Labradoodle

Nail Clippers When dogs are walked regularly, they rarely need their nails cut. When they go to the groomers, the groomer will cut their nails. However, if you need to cut their nails, hold the paw backwards, upside down. You will then be able to see the hollow of the nail. You only need to snip off the very end. The point and no further.

Australian Labradoodle Puppy

These mixing bottles are convenient. Diluting correctly makes the shampoo last longer and ensures that you get the perfect mix of water and shampoo

Australian Labradoodle

This is our all-time favourite shampoo not only does condition the coat leaving it lovely and soft it smells divine too

Australian Labradoodle

Round-ended scissors are another must. A pup and dog that can't see are unhappy. Imagine walking around with your hair covering your eyes. You would soon get pretty fed up.

These round-ended safety scissors are perfect for around their eyes and bottoms. The last thing you want to do is go near their eyes with pointed scissors. Even with regular grooming visits they sometimes need little trim in-between visits. To trim their fringe brush the hair forward over their face starting on either the left or right, and cut around to the other side in an arch. The fur also grows over the eyes from the corner of the nose. Please keep this trimmed, too, even if you trim the corners. A great time to do this is when they are sleeping or, indeed, asleep.

A long-toothed comb is essential. After brushing you need to go through the coat inch by inch with the comb starting at the base of the hair at the skin. The coat should be matt and knot free. enabling the comb to glide through the coat. The comb is a tremendous knot-finding tool. and a must-have in your grooming bag.

Australian Labradoodle Breeder  UK

This Doodle-designed brush has long tapered pins, designed to penetrate DEEP into the coat without damaging your pet's skin. The flex feature reduces stress on hands and wrists and reduces the risk of brush burn on the pet. Flexible Head allows the brush to contour on your pet's skin, making brushing your pet a more comfortable and pleasant experience. Divide the dog into sections and concentrate on one area at a time. Maybe even do one or two areas a day. for example, back, head and neck, tail and hind legs, bottom and front legs, left side, and right side. 

We want to start by brushing through the entire coat area by area. Make sure you are grooming from the skin/base of the fur. Matts start at the skin. A young puppy's coat is very easy to maintain. Grooming a puppy aims to get them to enjoy it through gentle grooming sessions that include praise and rewards. 

Australian Labradoodle Breeder

Groom Professional Dematting Comb

These Matt splitters are great for tangles in a more adult coat and are great to add to our grooming bags for the future. Puppies are far to wiggly to use these. I couldn't live without mine they are brilliant

BUT BUT BUT they are razor-edged so you must use them carefully

They will cut ears toes privates and tails. They must be used with great care

The long rugged razor teeth help break through mats and tangles with ease.

  • Professional quality Dematting Comb

  • Ergonomic Handle

  • Cuts through mats with ease

  • Sturdy thumb rest allows you to apply more pressure without losing grip

  • Can be used by left or right-handed groomers.

Australilan Labradoodle Puppy

Hurtta Hurtta Waterproof Downpour Suit

Keeping your Australian Labradoodle dry and mud free can be a challenge during the Winter,

These suits are a great help. 

Australian Labradoodle

Snuggle Puppy with Heartbeat

Snuggle Puppies bring comfort to puppies at bedtime. These Snuggle puppies come with a realistic heartbeat that has a timer.

They also have a little heat pad. (which is optional) 

Pressure alarmed door mat

These are one of my ingenious life hacks, Not all dogs verbalise that they want to go out in the garden. The hanging doorbells are great but require training and reminding. With these mats, all the dog needs to do is stand on it or walk across the mat which can be placed underneath a regular mat, and bingo the alarm or chime goes off, alerting you that they are at the garden door.

Cream Australian Labradoodle

Door Bell Training

These are really handy little training tool.

Not all Australian Labradoodles verbally ask you to open the door. Naturally, you are always watching a puppy, but as they get older, an audible cue is really handy. They are really smart and will soon learn to paw  the bells.

Australian Labradoodle

Play Pen

These are the playpens that I use. They are great because you can change the shape. They come in panels, so you can choose how many panels you want for your space. They are so easy to put together. They also come in different heights I would recommend 80 in height. The design of the bars means that the determined pup can't climb out. You won't need them for too long, but the great thing about them is they are so handy to have around for when you need them. They can be popped in a car for a holiday to block a balcony or doorway. Or even used in an emergency if a fence blows down. They are super handy if you have tradesmen in and out. You can pop them around the door to the room that the dog is in as a clear sign of DO NOT OPEN. There are other cheaper pens but these are the ones we use. When looking at other pens look at the height and if the bars could be used as ladders.

Australian Labradoodle Puppy
Australian Labradoodle puppies
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