Michelle is responsible for giving me my now best friend. Twiglet del-boy bentley from Hendrix and Pippa is an absolute dream come true. With all the silliness and fun of a labradoodle but the calm and intelligence any dog owner would dream of. She is so knowledgable and committed to all her dogs and owners for life, I have no idea how she does it?! I owe so much to her for giving me so much more joy in my life with an absolute dream fur baby. Twiglet picks things up so quickly, is so confident, and impressed everyone with his obedience despite us nit being able to go to classes due to carona. So yes choose Michelle and choose Hendrix! Pippa is sadly now retired, you won’t ever regrett it x

Pippa Delboy 2.jpg
Delboy 3.jpg
Australain Labradoodles