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Guardian Homes

We always like to hear from potential Guardian/Care Homes.

We pride ourselves on raising our dogs as family pets, we do sometimes have puppies available for guardian/care homes.This enables our dog to be part of a family. Guardian Homes provides a forever family for our breeding dogs while they participate in our breeding program.

We hope that they will live with their guardian family for their entire life. 

What we look for in a potential Guardian Family…

First and foremost we consider our guardian families as our friends. A respectful understanding relationship is essential. Some of our guardians are single, others are couples with and without children of varying ages. You can have other pets although other dogs must be spayed and neutered.

Ideally, you need to live within an hour's drive from Churchills Australian Labradoodles (although we would consider a larger distance for the ideal family) Essex and borders

- We do not feed kibble to any of our dogs, adherence to our species-appropriate natural feeding plan is important.

- We do not have crates or cages and expect all of our dogs to be at the heart of their family's lives.

- It os essential to keep the dog's coat in good condition through regular grooming. You will be expected to keep your guardian dog in top physical condition as they are a reflection of Churchills Australian Labradoodles everywhere they go.

-You must be home for most of the day.


- adherence to all Terms and Conditions of the Guardian Home Contract, which will be discussed with you.

- a suitable, safe garden for the dog to play and exercise. 

-Daily off-lead exercise (Good recall training)

- Maintain regular contact with Churchill's Australian Labradoodles with up-to-date photographs, For females, you must be able to monitor their seasons. 

You must be prepared to train the puppy making them well socialised healthy happy dogs.

Australian Labraddodle
Australian Labradoodle

How it works: ''The pick of the litter'' will be placed with a carefully selected guardian home. The Guardians of the dog will be expected to give this dog premium care, training and a permanent home. Churchills Australian Labradoodles retain the exclusive breeding rights to this dog. The dog will be a part of our breeding program while enjoying the security of a forever home. In exchange for receiving an exceptional puppy/adult dog for no upfront cost, the guardians must commit to raising and caring for this dog to the very best of their ability. 

The guardian must be vigilant in looking after the dog's safety. The guardian will be responsible for all regular maintenance, including routine and emergency vet trips, including vaccinations. We want to build a trusted friendship with our guardians.  You would always be welcome to visit us with your guardian dog. It would be fabulous if we could occasionally meet for walks.

The dog will live with you and be your pet.

However, we will own all breeding rights and you must adhere to our requests. 

- Guardians of female dogs: must be thoroughly educated on what to expect when a female dog is in heat (ready to breed). You must check her daily when the season is approaching and notify us at the first sign of heat/ season. You will need to make the dog available to us on the dates we give you; we may only be able to give you a day's notice hence we need guardian families who are at home for most of the day, and who live within a comfortable driving distance. You must provide adequate exercise daily, whilst off lead the guardian dog must never be out of your sight. However please note, two weeks before and during the female's season they must always be walked on lead, in places where other dogs are not off lead. (street walk)  Churchill's Australian Labradoodles will retain exclusive breeding rights.

The dog will be expected to visit us for health tests and vet trips relating to breeding (you would be welcome to join us if you wish). She will also need to visit us for a few days for breeding after which she will return to you for her pregnancy. During this time you must take extra special care of her. 

She will birth and raise her pups in our home. When the pups are weaned at around 8 weeks, she will return to you, her guardians. You are welcome to visit and spend time with the puppies. Our guardian families love coming over.

When she retires, we will spay her and she will live with you forever. 

-Guardians of male dogs: must be committed to all that goes hand in hand with having an intact male dog and be aware of certain behaviours, such as marking (raising leg to pee) and the tendency to want to find a lady friend; recall training must be strict and continuous. The male dog must never be allowed to roam freely or be near female dogs that may be in heat.

Churchills Australian Labradoodles will retain exclusive breeding rights. The male dogs will be expected to visit us several times per year to provide a stud service. 

 When his breeding career is over at about seven years old, we will neuter him and he will return permanently to you, his guardians.

If you feel you would be in a position to offer a potential breeding dog a guardian home, please fill out our guardian questionnaire.  

Guardian Review


Being Roo's guardian family has been very rewarding.  When she had her litter last year Michelle invited me to be there as her assistant during the birth. It was so lovely to be with Roo and see her five beautiful perfect puppies coming into the world.  During the time she stayed at Michelles feeding and nurturing her pups we visited every week to be with Roo and get lots of puppy cuddles!  My two girls loved seeing the puppies grow bigger and more playful each week.  The time flew by and then Roo came home. She quickly settled back in and enjoyed being spoilt with heaps of fuss and long walks.  Roo is a wonderful family pet, amazing with the children and full of character but she is also an amazing mummy which makes her even more special to us.


Guardian review

Well...what can I say!!

We always knew we wanted a dog and needed to find the perfect breed to suit our family of 5 + cat!! 
After weeks of research, deliberations, commitment planning and visiting breeders up and down the country we finally found the wonderful Michelle @ Churchills! 
Firstly, her professionalism and love for these dogs and ensuring they are all homed with suitable families is second to non. Her guidance, support, information, knowledge and her continued love for dogs continues once they leave her home and she is so valuable to those new puppy parents if shes ever needed!!

We originally bought & homed ‘Jake’, love at first sight and instantly discussed/played with the idea of having a second dog,! However, the cost of these amazing breeds are not cheap, but worth every penny and knowing I didn't have the spare £2000, an alternative way to get round the expense was to be a 'guardian home'. I hinted and hinted about a guardian dog to my partner and Michelle and unexpectedly but honoured, we were lucky enough to be chosen as a guardian home for ‘Rosie’!! 

So here she is!!
Right from the start, Michelle is clear, open and honest with the guardian contract and expectations to ensure the dogs are well cared for but also to ensure you know, feel and treat these dogs as your own and both the dog and michelle quickly became part of the family. Rosie settled in within hours and the actual contract expectations are not as daunting as they first sound! We appreciate Churchills undertaking all the required breeding health checks, pregnancy related costs and this puts us at ease knowing that we have a healthy breed and best care. 
The thought of having to return the dogs for breeding, again is not as daunting as this sounds and in fact this is much less than we thought, only once in the Summer for routine health checks. After this,  Rosie will travel to Churchills during planned breeding season later in the year for a few days and plenty of notice and planning is given, then Rosie will return to us to love and care for her during pregnancy, with the security of knowing Michelle is at hand for any advice or concerns to help you. Rosie will then return to Michelle for around 6-8wks where Michelle will do the hard part, birthing and litter care and I know we will miss Rosie dearly and welcome to visit at any time,  but completely reassured we will be constantly updated and we know 100% Rosie will be in the safest well loved hands. Michelle, the professional that she is, will not intrude on your family dog time but is also at hand, she ensures the dogs are only used to breed based on the dogs health and goes by the dogs nature to breed and will stop at anytime that it would not be considered in the dogs best interest and is far from a money making regime but to ensure future puppies are healthy, pure labradoodle and to provide other families like us the joy of these amazing dogs.  If anyone is considering to be a guardian home and wishes to contact me for any information relating to the process/expectations/contract/Churchills/Larbradoodles please feel free, it the best thing we ever did and I cant rate Churchills highly enough and so grateful for the opportunity.


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