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Black and White Australian Labradoodle
Black and White Australian Labradoode
Black Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle Insurance

Free puppy Insurance

Ok, where do we start? As I'm sure you know, insurance companies offer breeders free insurance packs to send home with their puppies. This does seem significant until you realise it is just a sales ploy to get your information, so they can sell you their insurance.

The free puppy insurance is full of things you cannot claim for. As the old saying goes, "You never get something for nothing"

Breeders earn points for the families that sign up for Insurance policies. We feel that it just isn't beneficial to our families. And here's why.

When we sign you up for the free insurance, they insist we give them all your information, which enables them to ask you to sign up with them.

The issue is that the free four weeks insurance we would send pups home with can't be used for 14 days from activation. When you take out insurance, that, too, cant be used for 14 days from the activation, which means that your puppy won't be covered for the first month. Which isn't ideal.

To provide you and your pup with the best cover, we recommend starting your insurance as soon as you have chosen your pup. Activate your policy on collection.

You are covered within 14 days from commencement rather than the possible double up of 14 days of the free cover and then another 14 days of your chosen cover.

In addition, if you change companies and don't choose to continue with the free insurance company, any claims on the free puppy insurance then become a pre-existing condition to the new company, which your new policy won't cover.

When it comes down to choosing your insurance company, it comes down to your insurance budget and what you want to cover.

If a breeder gives you a policy, for example, pet plan, and you decide to continue with their policy, then any conditions may then not be a pre-existing condition. (but will be if you choose another company)


Look at the monetary value you will be insured for per year

Does it renew every year? You want the highest value for your budget.

How much can you claim for each claim/incident?

Do they pay your vet direct,  or do you have to pay the bill first and then claim it back? 

Is it lifetime cover or only until 8 years of age

Decide on your insurance budget 

What is the excess ( How much do you have to pay before the Insurance kicks in)

Are you tied in for a fixed period, or can you opt-out/cancel the policy?

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