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Welcome to Churchills Australian Labradoodles. We are a small, family run, pure Australian Labradoodle Home Breeder in Essex (South East England) specialising in medium multi-generational Australian Labradoodles.  .


Australian Labradoodles are a families' best friend


If we were to give a reason why our family is so passionate about breeding quality Australian Labradoodles it is our pure love and appreciation of this breed and their exquisite nature. All our dogs are much-loved family pets which we all adore; our puppies will be born and raised in our family home with our three children until they are ready for their new homes. The puppies are actually born in our bedroom where we can keep a close eye on them and Mum. When they are a few weeks old they spend the rest of their time with us in our lounge where they receive an abundance of affection allowing them to get used to being part of a caring family. 

Australian Labradoodles are incredibly fun loving, loyal and intelligent with a brilliant temperament making them a perfect family companion. The love and devotion the Australian labradoodle has for their human friends is simply amazing; indeed the Australian Labradoodle was bred to be a companion and guide dog. Through diligent breeding practices, always keeping temperament the top priority, the breed has developed to become extremely smart and intuitive, characteristics of the high intelligence originating from the parent breeds.

Being very easy to train and enjoy learning new things Australian Labradoodles make an excellent performance, agility, guide and assistance dogs. Their unique connection to their human companions makes them yearn to be near their people. Our aim here at Churchills Australian Labradoodles is to breed healthy happy puppies who are perfect family pets. As you can see from our photo galleries all our dogs have lovely soft fleece coats and great confirmation that the Australian Labradoodles are known for.


Here are some reasons why we are so passionate about Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles:

We are always looking for A* Guardian homes

Hendrix, this beautiful "pick or the Litter" boy, is a great example of the kind of puppies we place in guardian homes. They grow and play and mature in a loving guardian home and then when they have passed their health testing, they become part of our breeding program. /guardian families "earn" their dog by providing these fur-babies with their very own loving homes, before during and after their breeding careers. If you are interested in this opportunity if you live within two hours of Leigh on sea, Essex and you are ready to add an Australian Labradoodles to your family.

Please do this:

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Allergy/asthma friendly    

 Low to non-shedding    

Easy to train        

Great family pets     

Incredibly intelligent        



Low to no odor        

Funny and endearing       


Easy to care for        

Wonderful with kids and animals        

Playful and joyful        

Gentle and kind        

Willing and eager to please  

Australian Labradoodles mostly have an odour free non-shedding coat, making the Australian labradoodle the most popular choice for those that are allergic to dog hairs. The non-shed coat means that you will not have dog hair on your furniture, carpeting, and clothing. Their coats grow so will require regular grooming but you can easily learn to scissor cut them yourself and most families find great pleasure in doing so.


As a proud member of the Australian Labradoodle Club UK, We are bound by their standards, Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations. 

All our breeding Australian Labradoodles are health tested.

Hip scored by the BVA, AVA, OFA or Pennhip and

Elbow scored by the BVA. They will undergo
Eye testing tests for the following inherited eye diseases:
        MRD – Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia
        TRD – Total Retinal Dysplasia
        GPRA – Generalised Progressive Retinal Atrophy
        CPRA – Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy

        EIC - Exercise-induced Collapse


All of our puppies will be health checked by a vet, microchipped, wormed, vaccinated, neutered/spayed and insured. We are a small breeder with strong ethics breeding healthy good quality family dogs

We feed our dogs 'Natures Menu', a healthy, natural dog food made with natural wholesome ingredients including human-grade meats, fruit, and vegetables of superb nutritional value. Natures Menu is great for puppies and adult dogs too. Its super healthy and comes in frozen nuggets as well as convenient pouches and tins. There is no need to worry if your puppy is receiving the right nutrients; every ounce is full of goodness.

Churchills Australian Labradoodles have teamed up with to provide you with a puppy pack with all the information you will need along with a voucher for when you make your first purchase.


To find out more about our purchase process and how to reserve a puppy click here, 

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