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Welcome to our litter's page,
We keep this page up to date with all of our availability for the forthcoming few months.
Our litters are reserved months and years ahead of time. However, occasionally, families are presented with situations which mean that they need to wait a little longer. Which in turn gives us availability on earlier litters.
Please have a look at the Meet Our Dogs page and get in touch via one of our online forms, email, text or call.
Please note, that with the exception of Primrose's litter, who is due to give birth imminently. The dates are only a guide.  We are able to calculate the pup's birth and when they will be ready to leave when the mum is in season.


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Spring / Summer 2024

Large Medium Small Standard



Churchill's Pearl

Pure multi-generational Australian Labradoodle

Coat:- Chocolate Tuxedo Wavy Fleece

Size:- Medium 17 inch


Churchill's Humphrey

Pure multi-generational Australian Labradoodle

Coat:- Cream Curly/Wavy Fleece

Size:- Large Medium/small standard 21 inch

Puppies will be Chocolate, Cream,  Apricot and Black

Solid in Colour, Tuxedo and Parti


Pups will be medium in size, both solid chocolate in colour like pearls mum Rose and also Chocolate Tuxedo like Pearl and her Dad Wellington


She is a gentle girl who likes to sit back before she jumps in! Pearl shares her garden with her friends, the chickens
She’s clever and picks up commands quickly, loves both food and toys for play. 

Humphrey is a ball of funny clown-like fluff. He takes everything in his stride. But wow does he wiggle when he meets people. Humphrey is so happy you cant help but smile when you meet him, he certainly smiles when he meets you. Humphrey is a lovable teddy, very playful bouncy and will do anything for attention and a bit of fun. Thoroughly an extrovert who believes everyone and every dog is his friend. Loves nothing but to show love and therefore eager to please you

Australian Labradoodle Puppy
Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Spring / Summer 2024

Mini and Small Medium Puppies

Churchill's Olive (Mini)

Pure multi-generational Australian Labradoodle

Coat:- Cream Wavy Fleece

Size:- Mini 16 inch


Churchills Rupert (Small Medium)

Pure multi-generational Australian Labradoodle

Coat:- Chocolate Parti Wavy Fleece

Size:- 17  inch

Puppies will be Chocolate, Cream, Apricot, Red,

Solid colour and tuxedo

Cream Australian Labradoodle

Olive has completed all her health tests; therefore, we have the pleasure of opening her waiting list.

Pups will be Mini Australian Labradoodles. The colours will be Cream, Apricot and Chocolate.


Olive is Clementine's daughter and Winnie's granddaughter, a real chip off the old block. She is very sweet-natured. Winnie is a total sloth.


 As typical of the breed, Olive loves everyone and understands that everyone loves her. Olive lives with Savannah, and they have become the best of friends. Olive is the sunshine of the family. She enjoys her food and loves being off-lead. Olive's recall is brilliant, and she is very keen to please.  

Rupert is the most wonderful little friend to his Guardian mum he follows her around everywhere!   He loves a neck tickle and when he wants a fuss he is quite happy to try and knock the phone out of your hand to make sure you know he is there (always likes to be on the work zoom call too). He has joined in many meetings.  Whether you leave the room for 5 mins or longer he is so pleased to see you and loves to show off one of his toys!   He is such a clever boy he always knows on a Friday he is walking with his friend Wilson (cockapoo) and waits by the door!    He loves the forest and that’s where he is happiest especially if he sees a squirrel or two.   Such a friendly boy who always beats his family to the door when the doorbell rings (never barks) just wants to say hello!    As a family they simply adore him!  


Born Spring/Summer  2024

Medium Puppies

Churchill's Agatha

Pure multi-generational Australian Labradoodle

Coat:- Chocolate Wavy Fleece



Churchills Benedict

Pure multi-generational Australian Labradoodle

Coat:- Chocolate Wavy Fleece


Puppies will be Chocolate 

Australian Labradoodle Breeder Essex

Agatha is a real chip off the old block where her dad is concerned, and her mum is a puppy. Agatha, the Australian Labradoodle has bounds of energy and absolutely loves exploring the world and meeting new people and other dogs. Agatha loves people and animals and, like her dad, can be rather insistent on the play now now now yahooooooo. Agatha is constant entertainment for her guardian family. Like her mum Winnie she's super soppy too and loves human attention. 

Benedict is Roo and Winstons' Son. He is such a soppy gentle caring boy, he is very loving and sweet-natured. He is great with people of all ages and he loves socialising with other dogs small and big. He is inquisitive and funny - he makes us laugh every day. He is confident and loving and very smart.

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