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Here is a lovely story from Jo a Churchills owner to Margo and now Guardian to Ernie a future Churchills Dad

We were very lucky to have Margo, a 2021 Churchills Pup, daughter of Winnie & Hendrix. Margo has brought us so much joy, so much so we asked to go on another Churchills waiting list for another puppy just a few months after having her. ( these dogs are like fur humans! So intelligent, comical, loving and fantastic companions) - circumstances changed and after long conversations with Michelle and wonderful guidance and advice we were accepted to be guardians to a puppy from Rose & Hendrix’s litter. Not only were we grateful to Michelle for giving us this opportunity but also excited that Margo would have a half brother to join her. We picked Ernie up in September 2023 and he has completed our family. Being a guardian has not been daunting or any different to when we got Margo, he is a very special pup and we cannot thank Michelle and the Churchills family for all the ongoing support and advice. Any questions or queries we have had have always been answered with care and positive advice. Nothing has been too much trouble. Michelle has always been honest and compassionate about what is expected of a guardian but also allowed Ernie to be part of our family. Michelle’s knowledge and compassion for these dogs is second to none and we value her friendship and commitment greatly. It’s lovely to keep in touch regularly with photos and updates, sharing our stories as the dogs grow without feeling any intrusion and we look forward to loving Ernie throughout his life and seeing the continuing growth of the Churchills family. Being a guardian is very rewarding.

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