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antibody testing

Do you know about titre antibody testing rather than automatically vaccinating for distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus? (DHP)

It’s a simple blood test that you do rather than

automatically vaccinating.

Did you know that the DHP vaccine is every three years, not yearly and rather than vaccinating blindly, you check their antibodies? Most dogs do not need to repeat the DHP vaccination into adulthood. Puppies need their vaccine, but that cover might last them a lifetime.

Here are the results for six Dogs that were due their three yearly checks. As you can see by the results, they all have antibodies for distemper hepatitis and Pavo virus and do not need the vaccination. We will test them again in another three years.

The Dogs, ages very from between two and nine years old. Olive and Merebelle have only ever had their puppy vaccinations.

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