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Douglas The Mud loving Australian Labradoodle

Introducing Douglas! Douglas is Savannah & Wellington's son and he is absolutely gorgeous in every way ... even when he's diving about in mud! (Which is his most favourite thing to do btw!)

We were first time puppy owners & naturally were filled with excitement and nerves about bring home our beautiful boy, but Michelle has been there to answer any questions along the way.

Douglas is now 8 months old and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. He has been an absolute star and has toileted outside since day one and slept in a pen downstairs through the night since day 2 ... I KNOW, HOW AMAZING!! (Thanks Michelle)

Douglas has the most wonderful temperament and is an absolutely clown, he makes us laugh every single day. He loves everyone and everything .. sometimes a little too much!! (Training on-going!)

As we know Australian Labradoodles are fantastic therapy dogs, it was one of the reasons we picked the breed as our youngest son has Autism & anxiety. He has a wonderful relationship with Douglas & Douglas just seems to know that his human brother needs that extra tlc & is so gentle with him!

Everybody who see's him always says how gorgeous he is & comments on his coat are in the hundreds! He definitely looks just like his Grandad, Hendrix.

We couldn't recommend Michelle and her beautiful pups more .. we are all in love! X

Douglas, the mud-loving Australian Labradoodle

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