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Good morning everyone (Top Tips)

Your eyes do not deceive you, Yes that is an old English sheepdog. Read on! the cut is similar to an Australian Labradoodle and may help your groomer to visualise what you want. This may sound odd, but if all else fails, ask for an old English sheepdog puppy cut. The shape is similar to an Australian Labradoodle cut.

When it comes to choosing a groomer, don't be afraid to ask questions. You want your dog to be safe, secure and happy. And to obviously have the cut you want. Not all groomers know the breed. They may have no idea that Australian Labradoodles are very different to Labradoodles. AND COCKAPOOs which is a groomer's favoured cut, with long ears and short heads. If they say yes, I cut Australian Labradoodles and ask them to see photos of their grooms. Most groomers take pictures of their work. If they haven't cut them before, that doesn't mean they can't; they will just need your help to guide them. An excellent groomer would be more than happy to work with you to achieve the desired look. Save some photos and print them Or send them to them. As they won't remember what you show them on your phone.

*Ideally, The hair on the head should be long enough to flop and part and part.

*The entire head should be rounded with no blunt cuts or horizontal blunt cuts. The entire head should blend together and be natural. Fur doesn’t grow in straight lines

*The ears should be cut to the length of the ear skin and follow the shape of the ear. Rather than long and cut straight. (Cockapoos have long ears like cockaspaniels) Australian Labradoodles have short ears.

*The muzzle should be long and rounded at the bottom, not blunt and straight

*The nose should never be shaved at all between the eyes, and the entire head should be cut with scissors.

*Outside of the eyes should be long, framing the face.

*The legs should be cut like columns and a little longer than the body.

*The feet should be round, hiding the toes

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