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They need their eyes to be kept trimmed and clear of fur. Being able to see is imperative for behaviour and training and their enjoyment of the world around them.

There is a guide for you to be able to trim round their eyes yourself. I included in the puppy packs that I sent out.

If you’re not able to do it yourself then you will need to have a friendly groomer that will let you pop by for Quick eye trims all booked him in for every four weeks one for a wash and then the next one for and then rotate them.

Tell them NOT to shave the nose of eyes they should be scissor cut around the head not slipped

A good groomer will be fully booked book way ahead and keep in their diary book a few at a time so you never fall off their diary.

It’s imperative that you find a groomer that know the breed they are not the same as a Labradoodle and certainly not a Cockapoo the cut is totally different

The ears should be short and the head round allowing the fur on the head to part naturally.

Please take photos to your groomer and leave them with them. Ask to see photos of the Australian Labradoodles they have groomed. It’s awful to say but their are lots of groomers that do not favour any doodle so make sure you avoid those as they will just shave them off for speed.

You have to wait until they are fully vaccinated to take them to the groomer.

The groomer should book mini visits for eye trims bottom trims and brush outs and baths.

They shouldn’t go for full grooms straight away they need to get use to it gradually. A brush and trim first then a bath and dry.

Read your pups body language on future visits.. do they bound in with a wagging tail or are they frighted. You want them to be happy at the groomers and be pleased to see them.

Please continue my efforts to get them use to a hair drier. A groomer can’t cut a wet dog. The salon driers can be noisy so it’s best to try and get them use to being dried at home.

A great investment is a grooming table. They fold for easy storage. You want one with a H bar that will enable you to secure their bottom and their head which prevents them falling off the table.

One with a T bar will just attach to their collar.

It’s imperative that you get them use to being groomed it’s going to be part of their lives and yours forever. A dog that’s not brushed and COMBED is a shaved sad dog with sore skin.

As mentioned if they can’t see that’s just awful imagine if your eyes were covered you wouldn’t be able to live a full life. If you can’t see their eyes clearly then they can’t see their world or you. Training is body language and visual signals not just voice so it’s incredibly important that they can see

I’m compiling a list of good UK groomers can you share yours with a photo of your groom

Looking for groomers that cuts them like a traditional Australian Labradoodle not cockapoo cuts please

Long or short doesn’t matter it’s the head shape that’s important

Nadine dog works, Bentwood


Thorpe bay


Ross, dashing doodles, Eastwood

Mutterly gorgeous dog groomers Stevenage


Waggtbums cottonham

Sherbet Dog Grooming



Honey Paws Dog Spa and Styling based in Crawley West Sussex

Doodle parlour


Sherbets dog grooming


Julie, in ‘Dogswood’ in

Fleet High Street,



Look North Groomers, Keighley

JazzyJeffreys DogGrooming


My Furry Friends, Ibstock, Leicestershire

Barking beautiful

East London

Sarah Neill at Nails2Tails


Herts/Essex border

Pet mania, Mill Hill, London

Charlotte’s Dog Grooming,

Dudley West Midlands

House of Paws,


Louise Frankland

Emma Raynors Grooming - Kent

Scruffs dog groomers

Vicky Robinson




Maidstone Kent

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