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Do not give oral flea treatment

Another death 💔 caused by oral flea treatment. When will it end ? Please research.

The vets make an absolute fortune selling you flea treatments known for doing this !

It’s not as rare as that they make out.

One of our own families had a terrible experience with Bravecto another oral Flea Treatment.

The poor pup was gravely ill from the first dose at 10 weeks. The vets charged a fortune putting her through tests. Not once did they look at the awful side effects of the oral flea medication they were prescribing. She was lethargic and had constant sickness Ans diarrhoea.

They even suggested she had kidney disease. The poor pup was on chicken and rice for 10 months.

At 10 months of age the family reached out to me.

I immediately got her off the oral flea treatment and put her back on Able Raw food. hey guess what..... Within two weeks they had their healthy pup back.

As a breeder with a big heart im always here for my families, forever. I provide every family with lots of written information and warn everyone about oral flea treatment and lepto 4 which are making dogs very sick which can be fatal. Please contact me for advice and help whenever you need it. I created these babies and want them to have the happiest healthiest of lives.

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