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Adder Season

Adder season is well and truly upon us and runs approximately from March through to September. Adders are the only venomous snake native to the U.K and can be found in long grasses, near stagnant water or in moorlands. By nature, they are quite shy and only really bite in defence. Dogs generally seem to get bitten as they go to sniff them or step on them. An adder bite in a dog is usually very quick, leaving 2 small puncture wounds that can sometimes be seen. The bites are painful so your dog may cry out or become lethargic. The area may swell quickly or become bruised and it's not uncommon for the dog to drool or feel sick. In the event of an adder bite please do not attempt any first aid yourself. Carry your dog if possible rather than allowing him/her to walk, this will slow the spread of the venom to your nearest Veterinary Surgery. Remember to put your vets telephone number into your contacts on your phone, so that you can always call them in an emergency they will need Pain relief, along with supportive treatment such as intravenous fluid is needed as soon as possible.

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