As a reputable breeder, our puppies are reserved well before they are born. 


We accept deposits for our puppies on a first-come, first-serve basis, such as — first deposit has the first to pick from the available puppies, second deposit gets the second pick.


Our puppies are all 100% pure Authentic multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, with unbroken lines to the first Australians created.


 If you would like to reserve a puppy and go on our waiting list to purchase a puppy, please fill out the puppy reservation application below. This will tell us about you, your family, home and lifestyle, which will aid us to determine if you are a suitable match for one of our puppies.


When you place your deposit, we will need 2 forms of identification for both husband and wife/partners.

* Passport or Driving license showing your current address. 

Once we have received your application, we will be in touch to discuss the matter further. If you are suitable, we will invite you to choose a litter and place a holding deposit of £350. We ask all our families to be open to gender; if you can not be open to gender, then we are not the breeder for you.

Our puppies are priced the same, regardless of size or colour. 


Please understand that for my security and that of my family and dogs, visits will only available to approved people on our waiting lists. Who have completed our online application, sent ID and paid their £350 waiting list deposit.


Puppy choice is based on a first come first served basis. determined by deposits received. As soon as a honeymoon is arranged we will be in touch and again when a pregnancy is confirmed.


We will keep you informed throughout the entire pregnancy and birth. The balance must be paid in full before the puppy leaves our home. We only accept Cash or instant bank transfer on day of collection. All of our puppies will be health checked by a vet, microchipped, wormed, vaccinated, neutered/spayed. All our puppies have 4 weeks free insurance with  Buddies Pet Insurance. Additionally, all our puppies come with a Puppy pack from our vet and another from us which is bursting with information.  


Viewing and choosing your puppy

Soon after our puppies are born, we will share photos and videos. Each Puppy will have a coloured collar, enabling everyone to keep track of their favourites.  Our puppies can be viewed and chosen at 7 weeks old, i.e once they have had their first vaccination and have matured and developed their temperaments. This is by appointment only.  Please Note: When the puppies have been born you will be contacted and provided with the viewing day.  Whilst you are here we will organise a suitable collection day which will be around 9 weeks of age.


Viewing Day

We love to meet the entire family. Please bring your children with you.

We also ask that you do not visit any other breeders on the same day to prevent the spread of viruses or infections.  Caring for our puppies is our priority; having visitors in and out not only compromises the health and wellbeing of your puppy but possibly the health and wellbeing of someone else’s. Our protocols and strict visiting schedule are just some of the many things in place to protect the health of your future Australian Labradoodle puppy. 


Australian Labradoodle Puppy
Australian Labradoodle puppy



We can not be held responsible for any allergic reaction that may develop. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to seek advice from a specialist prior to purchasing or reserving a puppy.

No labradoodle is 100% non-shedding. Most Australian Labradoodles have a low shedding coat, they do not have seasonal casting like a Labrador. Australian Labradoodles hair will however naturally die (just like humans) and fall out.

With everything in nature, it is impossible to predict the exact size your puppy will grow to, although we usually have a very good idea! Some Labradoodles coats' may lighten or darken over time. If you are concerned that a member of your family may have an allergy to dogs, you are able to meet our dogs to rule this out prior to choosing a puppy.