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Choosing your Breeder

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Hi everyone ..sorry this is a long one....

Lots of you are members of Australian Labradoodle groups and pages on Facebook. There has been a numerous posts over the last few days asking for Breeder recommendations..which is great.. but a few have mentioned the Official UK list of breeders. Or official UK association.

I know that it can feel like a minefield if you don't know enough info.

I’ll start by saying. There is no official UK breeders list, organisation or association. Its really down to what you are looking for in a breeder. UK Groups Clubs, Organisations and Associations are just groups of breeders whom have come together.

Myself and two other breeders set up the ALAUK. Unfortunately the ALAUK didn’t meet my expectations. Myself another founder member and an additional 2 breeders have now left the ALAUk. I’m pleased to say that We are all members of Wala an official world wide Australian Labradoodle Association

The Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) vision was conceived and developed by a passionate, diverse group of individuals. These Founders recognized the need for an Australian Labradoodle breed association that is member-driven, operating with democratic principles. Promoting mutual respect, education, communication and integrity, WALA’s goals include enhancing the temperament, health, coats and structure of the Australian Labradoodle breed. Guiding our beloved breed to the highest potential. Wala check every health test, Every pedigree. They insist on and check that their members we follow a strict protocol. There isn’t a UK association or group that does that.

When looking for your Breeder please do not respond to adverts..they are rarely true Australian Labradoodles. I came across a breeder just yesterday who’s name implied she only bred Australian Labradoodles. Thinking wow a new breeder. But no ! Not one of her dogs was an Australian labradoodle.

Please please do your homework. Understand the breed you are searching for.

Ask yourself

*Home Breeder. Do you want your puppy born and raised in a normal family home?

*Health Testing They should have their health test Certificates to show you.

Hip scored by the BVA, AVA, OFA or Pennhip and

Elbow scored by the BVA. They will undergo

Eye testing tests for the following inherited eye diseases:

MRD – Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia

TRD – Total Retinal Dysplasia

GPRA – Generalised Progressive Retinal Atrophy

CPRA – Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy

DNA Tests - VWD (Von Willebrand )

DNA Tests - PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)

DNA Test - DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)

DNA Test - IC (Improper Coat)

DNA Test - EIC (Exercise-induced Collapse) .Some breeder do full DNA screening.........

*Ethics. Look at the Ethics on your breeder website, compare it to the World Wide Australian Labradoodle Association WALA....... Ask your breeder question. Check that they meet their Ethics .

*Pedigrees.. Ask them about their Pedigrees and lines. How many generations are their Australian Labradoodles are there recent infusions of the parent breeds? If so how many and long ago. You really want an Australian Labradoodle with at least 4 generations or more. Some lines go back to the first Australian Labradoodles created.

There is no official list or Uk Association or clubs that you must go to to find your ideal

Breeder. Its really down to you to learn as much as you can and to interview your breeder. Likewise a good breeder will have an in depth questionnaire for you to.

I hope this helps in your hunt for your new family member. I know that there are long waiting list, but before you start rummaging through adverts ask yourself what you want and why good breeders have waiting lists.

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