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Australian Labradoodles UK

What are the benefits of neutering?




Spaying will stop the bleeding that occurs with every heat cycle and prevent any changes in behaviour associated with heat cycle. Females that are not spayed, but who do not have puppies, may develop false pregnancy or infection in the womb. Early spaying of females reduces the risk of them developing mammary cancer (breast cancer) later in life.



Some male dogs develop antisocial behaviour when they reach maturity. This may be in the

form of sexual behaviour - mounting other dogs or people!! Uncastrated dogs, if left to

their own devices, may patrol a wide area in search of a mate and can detect a female in season a long way away, making recall difficult. A dog who wanders is far more likely to be involved in a car accident. Castrating male dogs also reduces the risk of them developing diseases of the prostate in later life.


ESN- Early Spay Neuter

Please be aware that all genuine Australian Labradoodle Puppies or 50-50 Puppies, Will have had the ESN ( Early Spay Neuter) Procedure carried our prior to the puppy leaving the breeder, if any puppies are not ESN, then they are not the genuine Australian Labradoodles


The Australian Labradoodle Club believes strongly in the benefits of Early Spay and Neuter (ESN) for the Australian Labradoodle Breed and therefore has made it one of the requirements in our Breeders Code of ethics. Not only does the Australian Labradoodle Club  support and practice ESN but also  RSPCA/Animal Humans Societies encourage this practice. These animal rescue organizations have been taking in unwanted litters and early spay and neutering young puppies before they go to new homes for several years now with a high success rate.

ESN not only protects the buyer of an unwanted litter and your puppy of possible cancers related to dogs being left entire but it is also a way to protect the development of the Australian Labradoodle Breed for future generations to enjoy. Authentic 100% Australian Labradoodle breeders are responsible for only selecting the very best Australian Labradoodles to leave entire and breed on from. Because of this the breed has and continues to develop with only the very top quality dogs able to continue in the development of the breed. We believe that one of the reasons the Australian Labradoodle has had such worldwide success can be attributed to the desexing of pet quality puppies. Because of this the continued development of the breed over the past 15+ years has been through top quality stock being used by reputable breeders.


Early age spaying and neutering is being performed frequently and there is a range of benefits provided for both animals and owners.  Research has proven that it is safe to spay and neuter kittens and puppies at a much earlier age than veterinarians once believed.  Early age spay and neuter surgeries are now safely and routinely performed on kittens and puppies at 8 weeks of age.  Low body fat makes these surgeries easier to accomplish and puppies and kittens tolerate the procedures very well and recover more quickly than older animals. The “two pound” guideline states that as long as a healthy puppy or kitten is two pounds they may be spayed or neutered safely, resulting in a speedy recovery.


Many breeds in the past that have become popular have had inexperienced breeders or puppy mills start breeding dogs who are not breeding quality but to fulfill the public demand. What this has done is created a large number of dogs for the demand but at the expense of the breed itself and the families receiving those puppies. The results are devastating with a large increase of genetic defects and unstable temperaments which arise due to non-breeding quality dogs being bred on by breeders who are inexperienced and make bad breeding choices.                


Click here for  more ESN information


Why do we ESN our puppie’s?


Early spay and neuter benefits both puppy and owner


We spay and neuter  our companion/ Pet puppies before they go to their new homes. We want to do our part to ensure that only top quality dogs, with completed health testing are being bred. In addition to our commitment to only produce the best puppies possible.


There are wonderful benefits for the puppy in spaying or neutering early; 

They come home to mum and siblings after surgery; a place of comfort and security.

They recover quicker than 6 month old puppies after surgery.

Extensive Studies Conducted on the Benefits or Drawbacks of Early Spay or Neuter done by The University of Florida found that early spay and neuter has no known ill side affects.  Research suggested that it can actually increase recovery time and decrease pain.

Years ago anesthetic techniques were not available to treat such young animals and they needed to wait until they were older. However, today that is not a concern. Studies conducted on animals ages 7 weeks to 12 month reacted the same to the desexing process. They also found that both the neutered and non-neutered group of animals was equally as active.


In an article written by Dr. Richard Allen, DVM for Best Friends Magazine in October 1999, he stated that both early spay/ neuter pets and regular spay/ neuter pets lived as long and happy lives as any other.

There are fewer complications when spayed/neutered earlier.

There are a number of benefits to you, the new family as well.

It prevents unwanted litters for the new family.

It prevents many cancers (mammary cancer and uterine infections for females and testicular cancer, enlargement of the prostate and related infections for males related to intact dogs.

It removes many of the undesirable male dog tendencies.

There is decreased roaming and marking territory.

Your pet tends to be more affectionate

It also ensure that none of our puppies will go on to be used in puppy farms and our puppies will not be responsible for contributing to the increase in animals shelters.


Research has shown that the puppies are nearly gender neutral due to the early desexing process. The number one thing to consider when choosing a puppy is temperament/personality, not gender.


To conclude, Take a look you will not find any Australian Labradoodles in any rescue or rehoming shelters.


















Australian Labradoodle.
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